Lightwave Stimulation

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Lightwave stimulation (LWS)

Lightwave Stimulation is a method of therapeutically sending light through the eyes.

Natural sunlight is of critical importance to human health. Light can, and does, impact on our emotions, well-being and health. Light is an energy source and our bodies need light energy to function well. Light travels into the eye, through the lens and onto the retina. When light rays strike the retina of the eye, they are converted into nerve currents, called photocurrents. The retina is made up of special receptor cells known as rods (which perceive light and movement) and cones (which perceive colour). When light enters the eye, the rods and cones become activated and light energy is converted into electrical energy.

The projection of light through the eyes results in photocurrents that stimulate critical areas of the brain involved in vision, emotional expression, thinking, memory and even co-ordination and balance.

If we can increase our visual fields we will allow more natural light into our bodies. By increasing the volume of light energy (photocurrent) directly through our eyes we will increase the amount of electrical energy flowing into and within the brain. It makes sense that if the brain is supplied with more electrical energy, it will be able to do its work more efficiently. As an example – a higher volume of current travelling around an electrical circuit will give a brighter light; the bulb has more electrical energy passing through it.

A photocurrent deficit can occur when not enough photocurrent is passing through the eyes into the brain.

The measurement of visual fields can determine whether a photocurrent deficit is present.

If visual fields are small, this will limit the amount of photocurrent entering through the eyes - and therefore the brain. If too much brain energy is needed to just decode (read) words, a limited amount of energy may be left for comprehension. Small visual fields may mean the eyes may not be able to move smoothly across the page. If the eyes are seeing the end of one word and the start of another, words will look different each time.

Tunnel vision may therefore be linked to poor reading.

Lightwave Stimulation increases our ability to absorb light energy. LWS is delivered via our Lumatron machine. The Lumatron device was created by Dr. John Downing, O.D., Ph.D. Dr Downing has conducted over 30 years of neuro-science research and clinical practice in the area of Lightwave Stimulation. His clinical research with visual field testing has shown how light therapy improves brain function. Dr. Downing has doctorates in both optometry and vision science and has taught his method of light therapy to hundreds of practitioners in over 20 countries.

Jan Cripps was personally trained in the Downing Technique of Lightwave Stimulation (Dec. 2008), and is the only student to be trained on a one-to-one basis by Dr. Downing. We believe Ashton Learning Centre in Bristol and the Sound Learning Centre in London are the only centres in the UK offering Lightwave Stimulation based on the Downing Technique.

Each session is 20 minutes long and a total of 20 sessions need to be completed for one series.

Before treatment starts, we will measure the visual fields, to establish how much photocurrent is entering the eyes. In addition to the visual field testing, we will complete a personal profile to determine which starting colour best suits the needs of the individual. The same colour may be used for all 20 sessions, or changed accordingly. After the 20 sessions, the visual fields will be measured again.

The brain runs on electrical energy so with increased visual fields you will be stimulating the brain with more of the electrical energy it loves and needs.

Lightwave Stimulation works with the individual, not the symptom. This is important, as two children/adults may present the same symptom, but different colours may be used with each individual.Ashton Learning Centre are one of only two centres, nationally, to be able to provide this unique therapy using The Lumatron Device.

Ashton Learning Centre will be happy to listen to your concerns, and discuss ways in which treatment may help.

For more information on our treatments please contact our centre on 0117 9661663 or email and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.
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