Parent Consultations

Parent consultations

Parents can request to have a consultation. This is an opportunity to ask about your child’s progress; tell us about any noticeable increases in confidence levels; supply feedback from teachers and also to provide us with any additional information both generally (new hobby/after school activity) or academically (new test/exam grades).

What it involves

The consultation is informal, and takes 30 minutes. The first part takes place without the student present. This allows you to talk with your child’s tutor and also the Principal about any significant improvements in schoolwork or to voice any worries or concerns you may have. We will also talk through your child’s strengths and weaknesses with you and discuss the strategies to be used to support any weaker areas. Your child will then be invited to join the consultation, where their strengths are highlighted and they are praised and congratulated on their current successes. A plan is then made between your child and their tutor, as to which goals we will all focus on next. A typed copy of this report will be kept in their folder and a copy will also be made available for you to take home.

Cost: £10
For more information or to book an initial assessment contact us

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