Assessments for children

Assessments for children

Initial assessment:

The initial assessment is very informal. You are invited to bring your child into our centre where you are both shown around. The main aim is to find out what subject and topic areas you wish us to focus on, and what ability level your child is presently at. We also gather any relevant background information, we will then select a tutor best suited to your child's personality and ability level. It is important that your child enjoys working with their tutor, so care will be taken to ensure a good match personality-wise. 30 minutes – appointment only

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Ongoing assessment:

After each weekly one-hour session, the tutor will record your child’s progress and plan the next session. At the end of every month, key strengths and weaknesses are summarised. This information is then used to plan the learning goals for the following month. The progress of each child is therefore monitored on a weekly basis, and ensures children are able to learn at their own pace, and not at the pace of their peers, group or class. This is extremely important when confidence levels are low. This continual ongoing assessment allows the tutor to pick up the pace once crucial foundation knowledge has been consolidated and assimilated. Children will then wish to prove their skills; they also need to take the time to acknowledge their achievements. This result is usually expressed as higher confidence and interest levels. They would then be encouraged to work more independently.

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